• Premature Greying

    Grape Face Wash

    • Gentle and oil free formula
    • Removes impurities and treats skin to leave soft and clean
    • Enriched with a combination of fruit and plant extracts
    • Leaves a smell of fresh grape
    • Recommended for oily skin

  • Neem Turmeric Acne Cream

    Neem Turmeric Acne Cream

    • Enriched with the anti-bacterial properties of Neem and Turmeric.
    • An excellent remedy for acne and pimples.
    • Best suited for oily skin types

  • Almond Saffron Moisturizer

    Almond Saffron Moisturizer

    • Provides loads of anti-oxidants to skin.
    • Lightens and harmonizes the skin.
    • Retains skin moisture
    • Makes skin soft and silky